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Oral histories are primary source materials that generally cover many subjects, sometimes in lengthy detail. Our long term goal is to build a subject guide that makes it easy to go straight to the section of each oral history that you're interested in. For now, here are a few themes we selected to whet your interest in the collection.

Childhood in Tucson, 1940s-1950s:

Baldenegro, Salomon - growing up in Barrio Hollywood

Broyles, Bill - traveling the city by bus

Lim, Lucy - visiting Chinatown

The 1960s:

Alvarado, Beth - counterculture and drug culture

Portillo, Ernesto Sr. - an unexpected visit from Cesar Chavez

Salter, Rubin Jr. - picketing a segregated restaurant

Schaefer, John - fear that UA ROTC would be torched by anti-war students

Urban Renewal, 1960s-1970s:

Laidlaw, Don - a conversation with the Director of Urban Renewal

Otero, Lydia - a historian walks through the site of Urban Renewal

Ybarra, Cecilia - a neighbor's perspective on Urban Renewal