Padilla, Trinidad

Part 1 of 2 was recorded in Tucson, Arizona on March 25th, 2019 and covers the following themes: 

b. 1924. 

  • Childhood in Gilbert, Arizona. Death of parents in 1936 and 1938. Life in Gilbert. 

  • Move to aunt and uncle’s ranch in Sasco, AZ. Town and ranch description life. Ghost town ghost stories. 

  • Dairies near Red Rock, AZ. Growing feed, milking, working hours. 

  • Santa Cruz flooding and commuting to school in Red Rock. Taking a car on derelict mining rail lines. 

  • Red Rock agriculture. 

  • Rural schooling until 7th grade. 

  • Going to California to work in agriculture in the early 1940s. Working in a factory underage. 

  • Enlisting in Army in 1942. 

  • Service as a combat engineer building airfields in New Guinea. Jungle, combat, disease. 

  • The invasion of Luzon as member of demolition unit. Mine sweeping, blowing up railroad bridges, clearing caves and pillboxes. Running into brother. 

  • Serving with occupation forces in Japan after the war. 

  • Return to United States and demobilization. 

Part 2 of 2 was recorded in Tucson, Arizona on April 2nd, 2019 and covers the following themes:

  • More stories about ranch life near Sasco: food, working hours and working alone. 

  • Leisure and life after the workday: cards, radio.  

  • Distribution of ranches. Ranch kids and rural education. 

  • Occasionally working with La Osa ranch to drive horses to Red Rock. 

  • Meeting future wife at Red Rock in the mid-late 1940s. Going to see a movie at Eloy with chaperone. 

  • Impressions of Tucson in the 1930s: the Blue Moon Ballroom, El Casino Ballroom, El Charro.  

  • Language at home, school, socializing.  

  • Challenges of courtship in a small town during the late 1940s. 

  • Move from Sasco to Tucson in late 1947, marriage, buying a house. 

  • Living in Menlo Park near Bannister Steel in the 1950s.  Life in the neighborhood. 

  • Living in Barrio Viejo in the 1950s. Description of Myer Avenue and downtown Tucson. Rodeo Parade. 

  • Working at a service station at Speedway and Main. Early long-haul trucking. Local roads and tow truck rivalries. 


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