Ybarra, Cecilia

This interview is with Cecilia Ybarra. Interview themes include:

  • Growing up in the neighborhood that is currently underneath 22nd and I-10.
  • Childhood in Tucson during World War II and Korea, languages at home and school; food, music.
  • Educational options for women, cost of high school books, parental expectations.
  • Dating, courtship, and marriage in late 1950s.
  • Employment, childcare, cohabiting with parents.
  • Ownership of Randolph Barbershop.
  • Golf and baseball in Tucson, specifically Tucson’s Mexican American community.
  • Differences in childhood experiences between Cecilia and her children: perceptions of safety and drugs.
  • Civil Rights movement in 1960s, memories of Dunbar desegregation.
  • Dancing culture: the El Casino Ballroom and La Jolla nightclub.
  • Urban Renewal in 1960s.

The interview was recorded at the base of Tumamoc Hill in Tucson, Arizona September 27th, 2017.