Elliott, Robert "Bob"

This interview is with Robert (Bob) Elliott, owner of the Elliott Accounting Group and former basketball player for the University of Arizona and New Jersey Nets, among other teams. Elliott has served on numerous boards in Tucson and was the chairman of the National Basketball Retired Players association.

Part one of two covers:

- Elliott’s childhood in Ann Arbor Michigan (1950s and 1960s).

- University of Michigan sports culture and its connection to the University of Arizona (late 1960s and early 1970s).

- Elliott’s first impressions of Tucson and Nogales.

- Elliott's experience moving from a community that was predominately white and black to a community that was largely white and Hispanic.

- Changes in collegiate athletics between the early 1970s and late 20-teens.

- Elliott's interest in accounting.

This interview was recorded on June 29th, 2017 at the offices of the Elliot Accounting Group in Tucson, Arizona.

Part two of two covers Elliott’s life after graduation from the University of Arizona. Themes include:

- Professional basketball in Italy.

- The NBA draft in the mid 1970s.

- Playing basketball for the New Jersey Nets.

- Differences between collegiate and professional basketball in the mid/late 1970s.

- Balancing a professional basketball career with graduate education.

- Reasons for leaving professional basketball.

- Celebrity as a tool for building a post-basketball career.

- Serving on corporate boards in Tucson; diversity on corporate boards.

- Starting a CPA firm and observations about being an independent CPA in Tucson.

- Reflections on community and growth in Tucson.

This interview was recorded on August 12th, 2017 at the offices of the Elliot Accounting Group in Tucson, Arizona.