Young, Jack

This interview was recorded at Jack Young’s apartment in Tucson, Arizona on May 30th, 2017. and covers the following themes:

  • Childhood and service in WWII.

  • Postwar work in Hollywood as a stuntman. Friendship with stuntman Chuck Roberson and Clark Gable.

  • Severe injury on the set of John Wayne’s 1960 film The Alamo.

  • First visit to Tucson in mid-1950s, impressions of Old Tucson and the local golf scene.

  • Work with John Ford.

  • Jack’s departure from film work and employment at Old Tucson, where he professionalized the stunts and choreography.

  • Work with Old Tucson owner Robert Shelton, night classes in marketing and public relations, rise to Vice President at Old Tucson.

  • Launching Young Film Productions, which coordinated between Hollywood productions and Tucson businesses and provided location scouting.

  • Observations about how western movies changed: the introduction of profanity, better production, computer graphics and greenscreens.

  • Stories about Jack’s work as a location manager. Favored locations near Tucson being the San Rafael Valley, Sonoita, and Rio Rico.

  • Details about Young Film Productions and retirement.

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